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The healing and strengthening effect of a sauna is undisputed. The very high temperatures to which you are exposed for a certain period of time stimulate the body's metabolism and lead to heavy sweating. This has several important effects. Among other things, sweat removes toxins from the body during the so-called detoxification process and cleanses the pores and skin. After a visit to the sauna, the skin looks fresher and feels healthier. At the Neumühle Resort & SPA, there are suitable temperatures for almost every body type and, thanks to different effects, several types of sauna. Your hotel with sauna in Franconia.

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If you are looking for a place in the Hammelburg area where you can combine regular swimming with subsequent rest and relaxation, we recommend our Day SPA offers. The best way to immerse yourself, take time for each other and let romance run wild is in a wellness hotel. Surprise your partner and disappear into one of our cozy rooms for a few days.
Finnish sauna

Benefits: Stimulates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles, expands blood vessels, increases heart rate

Finnish sauna

The classic among saunas is definitely the Finnish sauna. The original form of the sauna in the Hotel Neumühle Resort & SPA is also the sweating room with the highest temperature. At up to 90 degrees Celsius, we recommend not only a cold shower but also an intensive rest break after a maximum of 15 minutes in the sauna.


Only a few hotels in Franconia with a sauna also have a sanarium. This special variant of saunas combines the advantages of the classic sauna and that of a steam bath. The sanarium has moderate temperatures and higher humidity. At around 60 degrees Celsius, you will sweat within twenty minutes to lower your blood pressure, while caring for your skin and relaxing your respiratory tract.

Benefits: Lowering blood pressure, skin care, relaxing the respiratory tract, strengthening the circulation, stimulating the metabolism

Experience showers and ice fountains

We recommend taking a short shower before and after going to the sauna. The Neumühle's adventure showers make this short cold shock a relief. Since the body temperature rises by up to one degree during a sauna, you should not go into the shower straight away, but move around a little first.

Benefits: Promote blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce stress, help with joint and limb pain, prepare for the high-temperature sauna


The Caldarium has a particularly humid, warm climate, the seats and walls are heated and the temperature is very low at 40 degrees Celsius. Ideal for anyone who would like to slowly get to grips with the different saunas in our wellness hotel. In addition, the caldarium is said to particularly promote blood circulation and relax the muscles, which can be excellently combined with a subsequent massage.

steam bath

With almost 100 percent humidity and scented with essential oils, the steam bath in the Neumühle combats most respiratory problems and helps with rheumatic complaints. Thanks to the mild 50 degrees Celsius, a visit to the steam bath for up to twelve minutes is very calming and is a good way to start your sauna day.
steam bath
Benefits: Help with respiratory diseases and rheumatism, promote blood circulation, invigorate the skin, relax the body and mind

Relaxing on the sunny meadow

We recommend the sun meadow, especially in the winter months, but also with regard to the desire for a natural body tan. Vitamin D production is stimulated under the skin-friendly UV light and the skin gently takes on a long-lasting tan.

A quick sauna after work?

Sauna in Franconia for a day – anything but a dream, but with ours Day SPA offers reality very quickly. As a day SPA guest, you are not necessarily looking for an entire hotel with a sauna, but rather just want to use the benefits of a wellness area to bring body and mind back into harmony. It is precisely for this and many other reasons that we offer an individual selection of day SPA options. We look forward to pampering you for a few hours.

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