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Gourmet Restaurant Scheune near Hammelburg

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Half-board gourmet Restaurant Scheune near Hammelburg in the Hotel Neumühle Resort & SPA

A top-class gastronomic experience awaits you in the “Restaurant Scheune” near Hammelburg. With a daily changing menu, kitchen director Dirk Abel and head chef Michael Hübl ensure that the taste never gets boring, even during a longer stay. Our 4-course gourmet half-board daily menu captures the diversity of Franconian cuisine in all its facets, with meat and fish carefully selected and freshly prepared. Vegetarian and vegan dishes also set new standards and impress with fresh, crunchy ingredients directly from selected farmers in the region. Gourmet cuisine is our top priority because we know that the eyes also eat. Visit the “Restaurant Scheune” near Hammelburg and discover Franconian cuisine on a whole new level!

Reservations are also available for guests from outside. Please contact us or reserve a romantic 4-course menu directly for an unforgettable evening.

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Christoph Hoenig – your host

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We also warmly welcome guests from Hammelburg and the surrounding area! In all cases we ask you to make a reservation in advance.

We offer our gourmet 4-course menu to our out-of-town guests for just €104.00.

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Daily gourmet 4-course menu

Discover our changing daily menu

Kitchen director Dirk Abel and Chef Michael Hübl love to pamper their guests every day.

A culinary highlight awaits you in the heart of Hammelburg: The “Restaurant Scheune” offers a star-level 4-course gourmet menu every evening, which changes daily and combines the subtleties of regional cuisine with international influences. Guests have the freedom to choose their main course according to personal preference, be it meat, fish or a vegetarian option, each dish is prepared with the utmost care and creativity. For dessert, you can choose between a fine selection of cheeses, including the best varieties of the region, and an artfully created sweet dessert.

The restaurant attaches great importance to the harmony between food and wine. With a wine pairing recommended by our experts, you can fully develop the flavors of your menu. Alternatively, the extensive wine list offers the opportunity to choose your personal favorite from a variety of top wines to customize your dining experience.

The exquisite cuisine in the “Restaurant Scheune” in Hammelburg is a true feast for all the senses. Every dish in the 4-course daily menu is a tribute to the high-quality cuisine and the variety of regional products. The ambience of the restaurant, which cleverly combines tradition and modernity, rounds off the gourmet experience and makes every visit an unforgettable event. Here, food is elevated to an art form that attracts both locals and travelers from all over the world. Discover Hammelburg's culinary treasures in the “Restaurant Scheune” and let yourself be enchanted by the diversity and creativity of our cuisine.

Of course you are free to customize your menu 5-course menu (€121) or to one 6-course menu (€139) to expand.

Choose your perfect 4-course menu

You have the choice: meat, fish or vegetarian as the main course. We find the right thing for every taste. Are you a vegetarian? Then please talk to us about our vegetarian menu, which also changes daily. Our gourmet evening menu consists of a varied 4-course menu, which we offer to our guests from outside the house for only 104,00 € offer.

The 4-course menu is already available for all house guests who have booked a rate or an arrangement including our half board included.

meat dishes

Edited by a master hand

Fish dishes

and seafood


Crisp, fresh & green

Dessert & sweets

heavenly enjoyment
Ihr Wellnesshotel in Franken
Ihr Wellnesshotel in Franken
“The kitchen not only cooks, but also creates art.”

Dirk Abel, kitchen director

Romantic dining in Franconia

Romantic dinner in the “Restaurant Scheune” in the Hotel Neumühle Resort & SPA

The Neumühle Resort and SPA, a jewel of peace and well-being, unfolds its magic especially when it comes to romance and passion. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be transported into a world that is reminiscent of timeless love stories. Here, where soft candlelight bathes the rooms in warm tones and elegant table decorations create an incomparable atmosphere, you will find the ideal place for moments of togetherness. The breathtaking view of picturesque nature enhances the feeling of intimacy and connection.

Our culinary offering is a tribute to love, where each dish is prepared with dedication and creativity to make your evening unforgettable. The dishes, a fusion of local and international flavors, are carefully selected to not only tantalize the palate but also touch the heart. Pleasure and romance go hand in hand here, complemented by an ambience that transforms every meal into a feast for the senses. Experience a dinner at Neumühle Resort and SPA that celebrates your love and rekindles the flame of passion.

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